New You This Year | Top 5 Episodes in Review

In this episode I go through the top 5 episode of the Chalene Show!  The links for each of these shows is below.

Episode #1:Top 5 Millionaire mantras
No one is responsible for your progress except you.  This should empower you; because it’s up to you to make it happen.   You’re in charge!

Listen to this episode: CLICK HERE

Episode #2: 1 Step Goal Mastery
I reveal in this episode something I’ve never revealed before for goal mastery! It’s not because I didn’t want to teach it, it’s because I didn’t even realize I was doing something different when it came to creating my push goal!

Listen to this episode: CLICK HERE 

Episode #3: How to be Captivating with Bo Eason
In this episode I talk to former NFL player turned playwright / actor, Bo Eason. This episode touches on the important aspects of learning how to tell your story and why it’s important to share.

Listen to this episode: CLICK HERE 

Episode #4: 3 Life Changing Habits
You start doing these things and your life will change immediately and help you make the most out of your day. In this episode I breakdown the 3 Habits and the exact action steps you should take to make these habits happen!

Listen to this episode: CLICK HERE

Episode #5: Motivation and Energy on Demand
This episode is custom made for anyone who feels like they are not succeeding at the level they’re capable of and for anyone who just needs that extra boost to get them out the door!

Listen to this episode: CLICK HERE

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