Podcast – Stop Allowing People’s Opinions to Hold You Back | with Nicole Arbour of GoTeam Academy

Today, I’m sitting down face to face with Canadian comedian, recording artist, choreographer, actress, dancer, singer, and YouTube personality… Nicole Arbour. Since 2015, Nicole has strategically created viral videos and entertaining content that get millions talking! Instead of backing down from the criticism, she has found freedom by focusing on her objective: using her platform as a spokesperson for the International Pain Foundation. She now helps other brands and entrepreneurs build businesses by starting with MINDSET! With more than 700 Million video views and counting (yes, you read that right), Nicole brings her expertise to BYT and will get you out of your own head… empowering you to be boldly YOU!


You’ll hear us chat about…

  • Nicole’s devastating injury that changed the trajectory of her life and career
  • What Nicole thinks about and how she responds to the hate directed at her (due to her video content)
  • Who is Nicole’s comic hero and why
  • Nicole’s childhood
  • When the shift occurred in her comedy from happy to candid truth
  • How Nicole’s parents handled her public shaming
  • What was the hardest part for Nicole (re: media hate)
  • How Nicole realizes she is actually going in the right direction when she receives crazy hate on a video
  • Who Nicole is trying to attract (re: audience)
  • Why brands come to Nicole to learn the formula for a viral video
  • What Nicole teaches inside her academy
  • What are Nicole’s social hang ups
  • Is it really brave to post your makeup-free face or cellulite pic on social these days
  • Why Nicole (and I) feel (or felt) guilty for making money
  • What is Nicole’s Go Team Academy, who is it for, and why
  • What wouldn’t Nicole do today that she did her first year of really making her mark
  • Where Nicole feels she will be five years from now
  • My challenge to Nicole on her video about depression
  • What does Nicole feel like she’s learned from each of her videos



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