Ninja YouTube Strategies with James Wedmore

Chalene speaks with Youtube and marketing specialist, James Wedmore, who helps dispels some of the biggest Youtube and video myths. James shares how to make a video even if you really don’t like the way you look or sound on video, the best camera to get started, how to start building a following without a website, and the first critical step that can make the difference between 10 views and 10,000 views – and it takes like less than 60 seconds!

Also, James shares with us how by only posting 5 videos last year his account increased over 1.6 million views with very limited time and engagement.

About James Wedmore
james_wedmore-900x900Armed with a degree from one of the TOP 10 Film Schools in the Country, James Wedmore set out to utilize the power of Video and Visual Storytelling to revolutionize how we interact on the Internet.

After several successful ventures, including an Online Bartending School, James founded Video Traffic Academy: an online YouTube Marketing Training Program that has enrolled over 10,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country.

He has been featured on numerous sites such as, Rise to the Top, Mixergy and many more. He has been the Guest Instructor on 3 CreativeLIVE Workshops, and today, he hosts James Wedmore TV, his YouTube Channel that’s been viewed over 1 Million times.

His mission is simple: show business owners how to create and execute effective video marketing campaigns without spending a lot of time or money.

This two part episode will literally blow your mind! There is so much incredible information James gives us that I am just bursting at the seams. I walk away from this interview motivated, inspired, and ready to crush youtube. I know it will have the same impact on you. Regardless if you’ve ever thought about starting a business or not, your plan B could immerge into a flourishing idea that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed!!!


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.57.43 AMI don’t like the way I look or sound on video, what do I do?
The simple straightforward answer is none of us do. We all feel uncomfortable watching ourselves on video. You will get better with practice and so that means you have to start simply by putting yourself out there. In addition you can use some copping techniques such as not watching your video once you post it. Film it and forget it. If you continually go back and watch yourself, you end up just nit-picking at everything you’re doing. So get it out there and leave it be.

Do I need an expensive camera?Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.00.32 PM
No! not at all. One of the BEST tools out there is an iPhone. Even James continually films on his iPhone because it is easier than having to mess with all of the settings that are on an expensive camera. Remember when you are filming on your iPhone turn it horizontally.

I don’t have a website or a following, so how do I grow my account?
This is why Jame’s loves youtube… because you don’t need either of those things, Its more about optimizing you video (which he’ll share in his 5 tips).

Here are Jame’s 5 MUST DO’s:
1. Do the research – what is your ideal customer searching for on youtube
2. Provide value – answer a question and make sure the video has to do with the title of the video.
3. Always have a call to action – even if it is to just subscribe.
4. Optimize your video – title and tag it properly.
5. Be consistent – post your videos consistently.

Youtube will reward you for these tips. By optimizing your videos, youtube will push it to more people and you will then receive more views. This is a concept called channel authority. This is how youtube views your channel as a whole.

What are some other ways people can promote the videos they are uploading to youtube?
Take a screen shot of a point in the video where you are engaged then add text. Upload this image to instagram, facebook or twitter and promote that it’s been released. Or better yet, promote it prior to the video releasing to get people to subscribe so they get the right when it releases. You can also write a blog post that links to the video.

How do we use popular music on youtube?
This is something you have to be very careful about and isn’t worth the risk. Just use youtube’s royalty free music (explained exactly how to do this in the podcast).

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