Podcast – No More Indecision!

Recently, I have talked a lot about ignoring red flags, gut instinct and intuition. This episode is a branch off of the same tree — as I explore how red flags (i.e., questions that plague us in our head) can create indecision. So today, I’ll share ways to help break the habit of indecision and move forward with confidence!


You’ll find out:

  • When I began to question my trajectory, back in the day (on the road to becoming an attorney)
  • Why making a decision is a difficult thing to do
  • What happens when we’re afraid to take action on our decisions
  • Why becoming more decisive is critical
  • Why being indecisive is such a waste of time
  • The benefits of writing out the pros and the cons (and how to do it right)
  • The importance of giving yourself a deadline with decisions
  • How much research should play a role in your decision making
  • How intuition, indecision and gut instinct factored into my experience getting into the world of infomercials (and making one of the best decisions of my life)
  • The power of what matters most when making a decision
  • Why/how to practice being decisive



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