Shut Your Mouth | Nose Breathing for Improved Health

I have recently done a deep dive into mouth breathing and the serious health conditions that it can lead to. So today, I’ll bring you the data and explain why you should learn to breathe through your nose — especially when sleeping. I’ll also share the new habit (related to this topic) Bret and I have started to implement before bed — the results of which have me feeling very optimistic.


You”ll find out:

  • Why I started looking into this subject
  • How I solved my dry mouth issue
  • All of my symptoms re: sleeping with my mouth open (over the years)
  • Reasons why nose breathing is beneficial
  • Your heart rate re: nose breathing
  • How mouth tape has dramatically changed my health/life
  • Why you have to get your kids breathing through their nose
  • Why mouth breathing is so detrimental to your health (internally and externally)
  • Exercise that’ll help you breath through your nose
  • Weight loss and mouth breathing



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Mouth Breathing vs Nose Breathing Photos

Mouth Breathing Studies:

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