Oh No! Your Attitude is Showing!

Attitude is everything! Right!? Aren’t you more attracted to people who have a good attitude?  So in this episode we’re going to go over having the right attitude, what type of attitude you have, and quick tips on how to have a better attitude.

Everyone has bad days.  But when you count your blessings, it’s hard to have a bad day. Look, your attitude is everything! How you view your life and the situations in it, determine and effect your overall happiness.

Typically those with a positive attitude attract people with a negative attitude.  There’s this idea or concept that we are able to fix them or help them see the other side of things.  But you can’t.  Your attitude also determines whether or not others trust you.  If you have a negative attitude, people won’t trust you.  Your attitude comes through not only in your words, but also in your body language, your facial expressions and your facial micro expressions.

If you’re a leader, hire those with positive attitudes.  A bad attitude in your business will infiltrate your other employees, and will bring down the whole morale.  If you hire someone and their attitude turns sour, get ride of them.  They will effect your business on a deep level.

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