Opening Minds, Shaun T’s Birthday, Zumba, Live For Today

Recently, I promoted a controversial book written by a woman who, in her words, “escaped” a small, insulated, ultra orthodox Hasidic community — and went on to launch a very successful high fashion shoe brand. Immediately after speaking of the book publicly, I was challenged — by an orthodox Jewish community of women — to reconsider the author’s viewpoint and explore the subject further. So today, I’ll talk about my journey to understand these communities and the spectrum that exists in so many religions. 

In addition, I’ll recap the week’s events, including: flying to Vegas to surprise Shaun T for his birthday, Marge (my mom) getting Zumba certified, the bathroom remodel and my battle with high heels.


You’ll find out:

  • Reviewing this week’s episodes
  • Why I think religions can often get a bad rap
  • Why I feel like I’ve had so much growth as a human being this week
  • Why I won’t mention the title of this book
  • Why, ultimately, aspects of the book feel suspicious to me
  • The best way to truly open someone’s mind
  • Why you have to keep setting goals for yourself – regardless of your age
  • The app I use to dictate books (that aren’t yet on Audible)
  • The book that pumped me up re: taking advantage of time
  • My mantra for the week
  • Updates on my sleep
  • Thoughts on my plantar fasciitis



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