Oprah’s Weight Watchers – What it Takes to Lose Weight for Good

This episode has been recorded as we approach the New Year actually. By the time you’re listening to this, it’ll be 2016. And I thought it was appropriate to record this message for you, especially for those of you who struggle with your health, your weight specifically. And I’m not just talking about being over weight; I’m also talking about being under weight. Just not taking care of yourself properly. And I think because the newyear for so many people is just a time for reflection a time when we look at how we’ve been taking care of ourselves, and we get really excited to hit reset, to start over to begin with a new nutrition plan and exercise regiment. And just attack the new year so that you have this amazing new body. Unfortunately what I think too many people do is they approach it from a physical standpoint. And if this is something you do year after year after year, your weight is your worst enemy, then im telling you it’s not about your weight. It’s not about the scale. And going on another diet or starting a new exercise plan and while it’s a great idea, its not going to solve the problem forever. And I want you to have a forever fix. I want you to not worry about your weight. I want you to love your body. And so in this episode, that’s what we’re going to talk about; how to make that reality. The steps that you can take that include of course, your diet, your nutrition, your exercise, but most importantly, I hope that you will take some of the suggestions that I provide in this episode on how to address this issue from the standpoint of your mental wellbeing.

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So the first thing I wanna tell you, spoiler alert, is that every diet works! Every diet works! You can count points, you can put things in little tiny containers, you can track your calories, you can only eat bread, you can only eat meat and cheese, you can decide youre not gonna eat all day until 11 o’clock at night and then you’re gonna have fast food. It all works. Every single diet works if you believe it will work. The question is, is it something that you can adopt as a way of eating. That’s the question.

Because if it’s a short term diet, then at some point you’ve gotta go off of it. And then what happens? So I’m not a fan of anything you can’t and wont do for the rest of your life. If you can and won’t, then my personal opinion is it’s temporary. In fact, I have colleges who are in to fitness competitions and they do that diet down thing where they only eat kale and steamed salmon and for dessert they’ll have a toothpick and they look amazing! And you think yay! I should be a fitness competitor too! And look at their bodies! But most of them deal with this incredible post competition depression, like you can’t sustain that way of living very long. And then they gain it back, and they then feel bad. So its this self cycle. And I’m not saying that every one of them feels that way. But I was always like, I’m not doing that, because I can’t do that for the rest of my life and I don’t want to be super fit lean ripped, oh my god did you see her?  I could totally see the striation in her hamstrings on the back side of her thighs. And then the next time they see you, they’re like “ooooohhh, ooooohh. No more striation.” Lumpation! Nope! No way! I aint gonna do that! I’ll just be girl next door. You get what you get. I aint gonna diet down for this, or diet down for that because there is always something else. And I’m not going to live that life. I want to have a way of eating that makes me happy and allows me to enjoy my food and allows me to make good choices because I like that food. And eat according to what gives me health and energy and vitality and what I like. And I don’t want to avoid the things that I like. That is just my way of being. Is that less inspirational? Probably. I’ve been told it is. Literally in this industry I’ve been asked by producers to diet down for things, and my response is no… no I wont! And ive actually been told that it would be much more inspirational, and I’m like “I wanna be more real.. so how about that!” anyways, that’s my story. The reason I want to talk to you about Oprah and Oprah’s decision to partner with WW, I’m sure it’s fantastic, im sure she’s gonna lose a ton of weight, and im sure a lot of other people are going to lose a ton of weight too. Here’s the problem. Here’s why this is a multibillion dollar industry, of which I am a part of, so I am not bagging on the industry, but I have always been true to my position which is this. It’s starts up here. If you have more than 25 pounds to lose, and it happens over and over and over again, my friends it is not about the scale or the food. It’s about what you feel. And food is often comfort and our weight is either protection or control. So we’re not necessarily talking about people who are just over weight because the person who has an inability it seems to gain weight, people who are anorexic or people who are bulimic, people who are just obsessed with the thought of their weight and exercising, they deal with the very same things that somebody does who overweight. It’s just that thought that I’m not valuable. I don’t deserve to be fit, I don’t deserve to necessarily make this a lifestyle choice. So that’s why people gain and lose weight, gain and lose weight. So I’m all for a diet that you’ll stick to because you love yourself and you love that food and you can do this forever.

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