Podcast – Should You Really Buy Organic Food? Myths, Tips & Tricks with Laura Klein of Organic Authority

Organic Food: What to Buy, Why to Buy & How to do it on a Budget

Is organic food really worth it? In this episode, we’re busting myths surround organic vs conventional food, what to buy organic, the effect this could have on your health, myths and misconceptions surrounding our food sources, food labels, buying organic on a budget and so much more. Join me for my interview with Laura Klein of Organic Authority to get answers to these questions and so much more.

I love that Laura shares my passion for gut health and the work she is doing to help the organic food movement. I too used to be one of those people who thought organic food was for “hippy moms.” This is no longer true. I think you’ll find the information in this episode fascinating, and it will likely change your mindset surrounding where and how you make food purchases.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Organic Food: 

  • How and why organic food became a passion for Laura and how Organic Authority came about. (1:00)
  • What Laura learned about food sources while working in the food industry as well as the difference in taste when cooking with organic versus conventional food. (2:20)
  • Why what she learned caused Laura to have a paradigm shift about food and what led her there. (3:10)
  • Have we been lied to about food? Or is there just a lack of interest in learning more? (4:20)
  • How the internet and social media have sparked a movement to make food sources become more transparent and traceable. (5:00)
  • Why we should care about organic food. (6:30)
  • The importance of going organic for the health and safety of your family and kids. (7:50)
  • How GMO crops are bred to withstand large amounts of pesticides, and how antibiotics are involved. (9:50)
  • How you can vote with your dollar to make changes in the food industry. (11:00)
  • Myths about organic and conventional food and why we might feel like our choices don’t matter. (12:20)
  • Which foods we should choose organic; a shopper’s guide to pesticides and produce. (15:20)
  • The conventional argument that organic farmers are still using pesticides – what does all of this mean? (17:20)
  • Manipulation and deception in food marketing. (20:00)
  • What labels should we be looking for? (20:50)
  • Is it more important to buy local or organic food? (25:30)
  • The different definitions of organic and how some foods without the label may actually be organic. Plus, how to know. (28:30)
  • Are some grocery stores safer to buy from than others? (32:00)
  • How to remove pesticides from your food. (35:00)
  • Why washing off conventionally grown food still isn’t enough. (36:00)
  • Using organic produce to improve the taste of your cooking. (37:00)
  • Deception with labeling terms like “grass fed, grass finished.” (38:00)
  • Gut health, inflammation and how organic food affect your health and weight. (42:00)

organic food

I really enjoyed talking with Laura and am grateful for the work she is doing with the organic food movement. Please share this episode with friends who need to know more about what they’re feeding their family. We’re doing the grocery shopping, so it’s up to us to be proactive about our family’s health.

Also, don’t miss the bonus episode I released today where Laura shares some cooking techniques she learned in her days as a chef to get your family to eat more vegetables.


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