Podcast – Stop Putting It Off | Top Tips to Overcome Procrastination Now

Overcoming Procrastination Made Easy

Let’s talk about overcoming procrastination. Firstly, why do we procrastinate? AND how do we stop being lazy? No matter how much we like to tell ourselves that we’ve got it all together, we all tend to procrastinate from time to time. We’re human beings, it’s normal!

But what if someone were to tell you that there are some specific things you should be procrastinating on? Yes, you heard me right. In this episode, you’ll discover just what those things are. Though, as you should expect, you’ll also learn what you must stop procrastinating on as well. So basically, welcome to procrastination boot camp!

If you want to kick laziness to the curb and build motivation to do more, then you’re in the right place! Just like with any other habit, procrastination is a tough one to break. But overcoming procrastination can be done! Addressing the root causes of procrastination is a great place to start, and that’s where we will start in this episode.

overcoming procrastination

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Overcoming Procrastination: 

  • The main reasons why people procrastinate. (1:00)
  • Why you need to become a list maker. (1:30)
  • Do you ever feel threatened by the potential outcomes of completing a task or action? Why is it that we allow our fear of outcomes to push us into procrastination mode? (3:10)
  • Addressing the fear of failure. (4:06)
  • The first thing you must do to stop procrastinating is… to procrastinate. (4:40)
  • If it’s really important, it needs to be prioritized. It’s that simple. (8:05)
  • How to break tasks down to be more digestible. (8:40)
  • How to assign realistic due dates to yourself. (10:00)
  • Why finding accountability is so important. (12:00)

I hope you enjoyed this episode on overcoming procrastination. Sometimes laziness can become so comfortable that it almost feels impossible to get back in your groove! Maybe you needed that comfort for a while, but now’s the time for you to break free and get excited to make things happen. My intention for this episode was to help restore that excitement for you. 

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