Podcast – Overcoming Social Anxiety

Did you know that 80% – 90% of us experience some sort of social anxiety? Even those people who appear super outgoing / confident in public gatherings can be victim to some variety of awkwardness in certain situations. In this episode, I’ll explain the different types of social anxiety and share legitimate strategies to help you overcome them!



You’ll also find out…

  • Why you may not even realize YOU suffer from social anxiety
  • Symptoms of social anxiety
  • How and why social anxiety in certain social situations doesn’t necessarily make you a shy person
  • Lots of general (and personal) anecdotes about a variety of social situations where nervousness might kick in and how to cope
  • Why YOU are creating YOUR reality with YOUR own perception
  • The power of authenticity
  • Why I was often insecure working out at a public gym and how I overcame it
  • Why I used to ask all the questions in conversations, but didn’t leave room for anyone to ask me anything in return
  • The benefit of being told “no” 
  • My challenge to you to get better at something (your choice)
  • When you should consider seeing a good therapist for your anxiety



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