Ozempic Reaction, TMS, Journaling, Meditation, Eavesdropping, Reality TV and So Much More!

Today is a bit of a personal episode with conversations about and with my husband Bret, as well as a recap of the fallout and controversy created by the ozempic episode. In this episode we discuss: 

  • How to have a difficult conversation with your partner
  • How to get your partner to take action when it comes to their mental or physical health
  • The Dr. John Sarno TMS healing protocol
  • The Mind Body Syndrome
  • Journaling and expressive writing to release stored and repressed emotions 
  • How each of us approached journaling differently 
  • Meditation for those who aren’t good at it
  • Apps to that help you destress with the breath better
  • Eavesdropping on interesting conversation
  • Why mind numbing drama of reality tv like the Real HouseWives is so entertaining
  • When it’s appropriate to gossip about friends as a means of venting
  • The love hate relationships we might have with old dogs
  • The anger and judgement that people have when it comes to Ozempic, Wegovey, and Semaglutides and injectables for weight loss
  • Check out the Episode on TMS  –  How to Heal Your Chronic Pain or Frustrating Medical Condition #958


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