Podcast – Parenting Teens

I have done several episodes on parenting, but never one specifically dedicated to the topic of teens.

Today, I’ll reveal how both Bret and I handled things when our kids, Brock and Cierra, were teens, like: friends, sleepovers, punishments, homework, social media, communication, and spending time together as a family. You’ll also learn how my admittedly bad behavior as a teen affected my parenting style, as well.


You’ll find out:

  • Why doing this episode freaks me out
  • My disclaimer
  • When Bret and I started reading parenting books
  • The value we put on parenting books
  • Why my pet-peeve is parents debating with their kids
  • How/why children behave when they know what is expected of them
  • What was important to both Bret and I re: disciplining (individually and together)
  • My thoughts on name calling
  • The one mistake (I felt) my parents made
  • Surprising things about me as a teen (my parents never knew about)
  • How Bret and I brainwashed our kids
  • Why you have to spot check your teens
  • Our rules re: Brock and Cierra talking back
  • Why you should never label your kids
  • How much privacy you should give teens
  • The importance of letting your kids make their own decisions
  • How Bret and I prioritized communication
  • How to get your teens to open up
  • What is a finsta
  • Why we didn’t care about grades
  • Why parenting teens is harder today (hint: social media) and what to do about it



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