Podcast – When Your Partner Isn’t Into Personal Growth

There always seems to be one person in a relationship who’s a better communicator / more into personal growth / more organized. And that’s normal and perfectly okay! That said, it would certainly benefit any partnership to be a little more on the same page when it comes to personal development. So today, I share tips on how to do exactly that!


You’ll find out:

  • How Bret and I are currently working on getting on the same page (in certain areas of our lives)
  • Why you might be motivated to help your partner in this regard
  • Why it’s important to consider why someone you love might want to stay stuck
  • Why hurt people have a difficult time moving forward
  • Why people don’t change
  • How to motivate people to be/do better
  • What, I think, is the gateway drug to personal development
  • Why you have to make the issue about you or your relationship but never about them
  • Personal anecdotes from my marriage on how we bettered our communication
  • When ultimatums can be effective



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