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The True Foundation of Your Business… Your Email List

The foundation of your business is the building of your email list. In this episode, Chalene talks all about that process. Chalene wants for this message to be your wake-up call; she knows you have great things in store for 2019… but you’ve got to do things in the right order. And you can’t go anywhere without an email list in place.

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to build your business… you need to press pause. You need to build your foundation, your email list. It will be THE best thing you’ve done for your business in 2019.

Here are some statistics. I share these with hopes to convince you how important an email list really is.

  • In 2017 for every one dollar sent on email marketing there was a return of $30-40.
  • 82% of us check our email every day.
  • 66% of us make a purchase from our emails each month.
  •  Emails are 3x more likely to prompt an order than from a social media post.
  • Customers who are on our email list are  138% more likely to buy from us than those who are just following us on social media.

These statistics exemplify just a few things, but hopefully, they show you the importance here. Hopefully, you will see what you’re missing out on without an email list built up. I hope this episode serves you in a much-needed way. Would love to hear your thoughts or questions… so feel free to message me below!

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