Build Your Tribe Tuesday | Relationships First with Mari Smith

mari smithIn this episode, social media expert Mari Smith shares tips for using your personal experiences to grow your tribe and social media following. She also shares some of her best tips for using Facebook ads.

Covered in this podcast:

  • Put your member hat on first. Think like a social media member when you are marketing.
  • Guiding principles for determining who you will partner with to grow your list.
  • Being you in your business and how to listen to your inner truth.
  • What is selective transparency in social media marketing and why do you need to use it.
  • Tips for using free webinars and content to grow your list.
  • Facebook Ad tip: Use a customer audience to target your existing email list.
  • Facebook Ad tip: How to catch people in the newsfeed who may not have read your email
  • Facebook Ad tip: How to create a look-a-like audience to target people similar to your existing customers and fans
  • How many tweets you should be sending per day
  • How many Facebook posts you should be putting out eat day to grow your list

Links from this episode:
Mari Smith’s free PDF 10 Steps to Establish Yourself as a Though Leader:
Mari Smith on Facebook:
Manage Flitter:

Time Codes:

1:32 Get to know Mari in the words of Chalene

2:14 What brought Mari to the internet marketing space

3:35 Hear this, website for attorney’s fees, anyone?

4:04 Why Mari considers herself as an overnight success, 10 years in the making?

5:05 Mari’s aha moment on building her email list

6:08 What’s so amazing with Facebook?

7:22 Get to know  Mari’s avatar

9:13 Two hats you should wear to build a thriving community

11:10 Two types of marketers according to Mari

11:32 Are you a heart based type of marketer?

12:11 Qualities that Mari is willing to endorse to her list ****

14:33  Are climbing the ladder that others created for you?

15:24 Business & Beyond Club

18:29 Get out of the car!

18:59 Serve the people that are in alignment to your values

20:00 How Mari broke the news about her divorce

22:09 Selective transparency, what to keep private and what to share online

22:39 Mari’s best tips to build an email list

24:32 What’s your OKM?

25:19 What you didn’t know about Facebook Ads

26:23 ManageFlitter – Mari’s secret Twitter tool to building her list

27:30 How many tweets should you send per day?

30:12 Why Facebook is just great at targeting an audience

31:06 How to deal with people who wants access to you all the time

34:15 Mari’s best freemium offer


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