Podcast – Patience Persistence and Omnipresence

If you’re one of those people looking around at other entrepreneurs and wondering why they’re killing it and you’re not… then you need to listen to this episode! I’m about to get real and shed some light on why so many aspiring entrepreneurs are operating from a false belief system. You’ll also learn about the basic steps you must lay down to set your business up for a win! And brace yourself for a shock as I reveal new customer statistics!


You’ll also learn…

  • The importance of picking ONE niche
  • Why you should drive traffic from your social media to your opt-ins
  • The power of persistence, patience, and omnipresence in business (especially on social media)
  • Why and when someone purchases from an influencer on social
  • My personal experience shopping from a jeweler I love on Instagram
  • How to get your customer to pull the trigger when they’re in your shopping cart
  • Proven methods to convert your followers into paying customers
  • Traits the most successful entrepreneurs have in common
  • The secret ingredient to growing a business when you’re already crazy busy (e.g., raising kids, etc.)



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