People Are So Disappointing

Things happen in life.  We all experience disappointments.  We’ve all had someone in our life do something that we don’t understand, and we become furious.  We’re pissed.  Why would they do this to me!? … We’ve all been there.  This episode is all about helping you through that moment.  You might not be in one of those moments right now, but I assure you that one will occur in the future and it’s important to know how to handle the situation.  So the podcast has all my tips!  My tips on how to handle a really disappointing situation stemming from a person.

First I want you to think about the situation from the other persons perspective.  As tough as it might be to do this, it’s important to understand where the other person is coming from.  Next, do not confide in the over exaggerated friend that is going to hype and rile you up.  When you are mad about something, a person like that is just going to elevate your anger, and this is about taking back control and lowering your level of disappointment.  Confide in the friend that you know is going to be logical about the situation and help calm your nerves.

Give the situation time and don’t address the person when you are in the heat of your anger or frustration.  Maybe wait a day to approach them about how you feel.

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