Podcast – Creating a Unique Personal Brand with Rory Vaden

With the advent of social media, building a personal brand seems all the rage these days. But, for many, the thought of branding oneself seems daunting, out of reach, confusing and scary. Today, both me and my guest, Rory Vaden — New York Times best selling author and co-founder of The Brand Builders Group — take a deep dive into the topic of Personal Branding. You’ll hear steps and tips (more than you could ever possibly have imagined) when it comes to creating / uncovering your very own personal brand and, not to mention, the impact it can have on the success of your business!


You’ll also find out:

  • What scares a lot of people about creating their own personal brand
  • What Rory and his team help people find in themselves (and their business)
  • How colors and shade make you unique
  • The importance of narrowing down the problem you solve to ONE word (and why you must)
  • Why most personal brands fail
  • How to know when it’s time to branch outside of what you and your brand are most known for
  • Why you’re always most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were
  • Why it’s hard to be passionate when you don’t have clarity
  • How and why Rory and his team prefer to guide vs teach clients
  • Why I feel the brand strategists who work on Rory’s team are on another level
  • Why and how it’s possible to do the right thing in the wrong order
  • What Rory calls the DARES
  • Why one-on-one coaching is so rare today (and how Rory’s team stands apart)
  • What a Personal Brand means to Rory
  • Why you don’t have to create your own thing when doing social media
  • Why the most successful network marketers are leading with their personal brand vs their product
  • The level of experience Rory’s prospective clients need to be at
  • What Rory and his team call the PAIDS
  • How to have companies pay you to have access to your audience
  • The difference between ads / affiliates / deals
  • The 4 primary things Rory’s team helps clients with in Phase 1 of Brand Builders
  • How Rory’s team helps you both pay your bills today and design your dream lifestyle



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