Podcast – Be in Demand as a Speaker and Brand Building with Live Events | Inside the Green Room with Pete Vargas

This is a special edition of Build Your Tribe for a couple of reasons. Typically, Brock and I do this show together. Today, though, you’re going to hear an interview with me and my husband, Bret! Now, if you listen to The Chalene Show, you know he is quite the regular there. What you may not know, however, is just how involved Bret is with the day-to-day operations of our business — especially when it comes to planning and executing Live events. This episode is also special because you’ll be listening to an interview done by my friend, Pete Vargas (of Inside the Green Room). If you’ve ever had the desire to become a speaker or put on your own event or just learn the secrets of putting on a successful event… then this is the show for you!!!


You’ll hear (taken from Pete’s episode description):

  • 0:40 Welcome Bret and Chalene
  • 4:00 Chalene & Bret’s Events
  • 4:30 The Johnson’s favorite events
  • 5:55 How Bret & Chalene create supper fans
  • 6:30 The impact of showing up and being authentic
  • 7:45 Chalene plans event from the attendees perspective
  • 10:12 The one text Chalene has her attendees send
  • 11:17 The Johnson’s mistakes you can learn from
  • 14:21 Why aren’t there more women on stages?
  • 16:14 Making your kids priority
  • 16:35 Putting yourself out there
  • 19:22 Be of service with no strings attached
  • 20:17 What it takes to get on Bret and Chalene’s stage
  • 22:40 How Facebook live videos can land you on stages
  • 23:41 The thing that Chalene hates when speakers say
  • 24:43 The Johnsons pet peeve with coaching people
  • 26:44 What Pat Flynn learned from The Johnsons
  • 28:08 The most influential speakers in Bret’s life
  • 28:49 The most influential speaker in Chalene’s life
  • 30:42 What speakers the world needs to know about
  • 30:77 Why are live events so important
  • 34:47 The Johnson’s best green room experience
  • 36:16 What Bret takes into every green room
  • 37:32 Final thoughts
  • 40:30 Pete’s biggest takeaways



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