Podcast – Caring for a Family Member | Alzheimer’s Chronicles Volume 1

In a past episode, Bret and I shared with you our recent journey with Bret’s dad and Alzheimer’s. Today, you’ll hear a very candid conversation on how things have changed within the last 6 months — including, Bret’s dad’s health and how we, as a family, are dealing with all the changes.


You’ll find out:

  • Details on Bob’s (Bret’s dad) character / traits before Alzheimer’s and his role in family life
  • How different family members have been affected by Bob’s Alzheimer’s progression
  • Why Bob isn’t talking at this time
  • What is a loop in Bob’s brain
  • Why it’s very normal to have a degree of resentment with a family member’s declining health
  • What Bret regrets and finds to be the saddest part about his father’s role in the family — moving forward
  • What Bret’s mom currently resents re: her husband’s condition
  • Why Bret won’t travel right now
  • Where Bret and I are focusing our attention at this time
  • Sources of comedic relief our family has relied on
  • The ONE thing that helped Bret’s emotional struggles
  • The importance of holding onto compassion when you find yourself frustrated with a sick family member
  • How to respond to someone on a brain loop the right way
  • How we approached the subject of taking Bob’s driver’s license away
  • The creative lie we told Bob about his wife’s whereabouts and why
  • Why you shouldn’t force your beliefs (about care-taking) onto other family members



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