Podcast – Quieting Your Anxiety

Anxiety is common (one third of adults in America struggle with it at some point in their life) and can be debilitating. Today, I’ll break down what true anxiety is and, also, provide tips and strategies to help you cope — if you are, indeed, experiencing anxiety in some capacity.


You’ll find out:

  • Breaking down exactly what anxiety is (to discern whether or not it’s something you have)
  • What is General Anxiety Disorder
  • Differentiators between worry and anxiety
  • Why you can cope with and recover from anxiety
  • Why anxiety is a sign of a strong healthy brain
  • When anxiety becomes intrusive
  • Why anxiety is so powerful
  • How your smartphone might be the culprit for your anxiety
  • Why you should consider getting off of social media
  • How 2 ice cubes can help calm you
  • How caffeine might play a role in your anxiety (with a personal anecdote concerning my daughter)
  • My suggestions on guided meditation
  • What are anti anxiety affirmations
  • The power of exercise to combat anxiety
  • Why CBD works so well as a soldier to fight anxiety



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