Podcast – How To Get Started Using TikTok for Business with Keenya Kelly

Today, Brock invites Keenya Kelly (branding and business expert) on the show and they’re talking about all things TikTok. Keenya once thought TikTok was just for teenagers, but quickly found out she was wrong! Her presence on the app has grown her following on all of her other platforms and, not to mention, her business, too! By hearing Keenya’s story, you’ll learn the value of consistency, whether or not it’s too late to jump on the platform, how to stand out in the TikTok game and how to use it to grow your biz!


You’ll find out:

  • Keenya’s journey onto TikTok and how quickly she grew on the platform
  • How Keenya educated herself on TikTok (in the hopes to stand out)
  • Keenya’s thoughts on the age demographic on TikTok
  • How Keenya has leveraged TikTok to grow her other platforms and sell her products
  • What is Keenya’s summer internship and how she used TikTok to reach applicants
  • What Keenya define’s as TikTok’s Rules
  • How the Instagram or Facebook feed differs from TikTok
  • How often one should post on TikTok if their goal is to grow their following
  • When Keenya realized TikTok is for everyone
  • Keenya’s experience and thoughts as a black female creator on TikTok
  • How Keenya decides which of her TikToks she’ll repurpose onto other platforms
  • How much time Keenya spends creating her videos
  • How Keenya got over her fear to start posting on TikTok



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