Podcast – What About Taxes?

There are too many people — creative entrepreneurs, especially — who might be great at making money, but horrible when it comes to managing it. Because of which, just the thought of tax season can cause some major stress. Today, on this Quick Tip Tuesday, I hope to remove any fear when it comes to the subject of taxes and, also, provide some basic strategies that’ll make life easier when stepping into the realm of hiring a CPA and growing your business.


You’ll find out:

  • Why you should depend on your CPA for your taxes, business advising and accounting
  • How to find a good CPA
  • Things your CPA will help you figure out
  • Why / how becoming a legal entity provides you with extra protection
  • What are the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make when doing taxes
  • The importance of having a separate bank account for your business
  • Why it’s crucial to pay professionals to save you money / time / stress
  • Why paying taxes is a privilege and a blessing
  • Why quarterly payments are the way to go



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