Most Popular Types of Story Content for Instagram Stories and SnapChat

This is a follow up episode to the last one I released on Build Your Tribe where I talked about the 20 things that are thought to be the most annoying things to do on Instagram stories and SnapChat.

There might be a little confusion in this episode, so I want to preface this by saying that there are some topics I’m going to discuss in this episode that are actually listed as an annoying form of content, from my prior episode.  SO know this….. I got this information by surveying over 10,000 of my followers.

So here we go!

To get these in detail, make sure you download the episode here >> Most Popular Types of Story Content for Instagram Stories and SnapChat

    1. Anything funny! We love funny!
    2. Food prep and cooking.
    3. A good story.
    4. Re occurring characters.
    5. Anything motivational or inspirational.
    6. A theme or story line.
    7. Family interactions.
    8. Provide organization.
    9. Ass kicking pep stalks.
    10. Gadget recommendations.
    11. Talk about what you do, why you do it, and how!
    12. Sharing outfit ideas and decor.
    13. Productivity hacks.
    14. Workout tips.
    15. Adorable pets.
    16. Adorable kids.

So what do we do with this information? How do we know which topics to cover? Especially with the ones that are on the “good” AND “bad” list?

Here’s my advice… moderation. If ALL you do is post about your baby… sorry, but that gets annoying after a while.  So it’s about self awareness!

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