Post Divorce Online Dating Freak Show and I am Staying Married!

Today’s episode is all about dating, online dating, and marriage with tips on how to navigate the dating world and identify healthy individuals. My BFF Dr. Mcayla discusses her recent online dating experiences and man do we go there! Here is what you will get the scoop on:

  • Chalene talks about dating, online dating, and marriage.
  • She shares her thoughts on what it takes to stay married.
  • Chalene shares her opinions on the show Love is Blind.
  • Navigating the dating world and how to identify healthy individuals.
  • The overuse of the term “narcissist” in describing failed relationships and how it takes two to make a relationship work.
  • Chalene and Mcayla – her BFF – discuss Mcayla’s recent online dating experience. 


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