Podcast – The Power of No and the Stories We Tell Ourselves with James Altucher

James Altucher puts his #1 value on being honest — with those around him and, more importantly, with himself. This commitment to the truth has helped him become a successful businessperson, blogger, and podcast host (The James Altucher Show). He and I speak very openly about the struggles of figuring out what’s best for you and how to move forward. In addition to James’ success and his transparent honesty… he’s just an all-around nice and funny guy who you’re going to love!


You’ll find out…


  • How James turned his life around after serious suicidal thoughts
  • The first thing James does when he wakes up
  • When it’s time to get out of unhealthy relationships / situations
  • What James is most proud of
  • The 2 ways in which James feels insecure
  • The surprising practice James undergoes to feel confident
  • One of the most important things people can take action on today
  • What James is embarrassed to admit disappointed him recently
  • What is the disease to be right?
  • Why you have to say “No” to wishing someone would call you back
  • The stories we’re told that make us believe something is bad or good
  • The different layers of saying “No”
  • The correct way, for James, to say “No”
  • What James sees himself doing 5 years from now
  • What James and I have in common about gym locker rooms



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