Podcast – How To Prepare for a Speech or Live Video

Did you know that Fear of Public Speaking is America’s biggest phobia? But in this digital age, that fear casts a much wider net — with the advent of video (Live or recorded) in Social Media. Last week, I shared my own individual personal system for speaking Live (from stage or on video). And today, Brock shares his method! You’ll hear his spin on the topic, how it relates to — and differs from — mine, and what he feels is the most important component you must include every time.


You’ll find out…

  • Brock’s tips, tricks and strategies that he uses for his own public speaking
  • Why it’s critical to narrow down your topic
  • The #1 most important element of your talk (that will hook your listeners like nothing else)
  • Personal anecdotes re: several of Brock’s speeches that illustrate how he holds the attention of his audience
  • Brock’s advice on remembering the stories you have to tell
  • How long Brock prepares for a Live in-person speech vs Live video
  • What studies show re: what happens to your body when talking to your audience (Live or recorded)



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