Podcast – Preparing To Send Your Kid off To College | CarSmart Edition

Bret and I have 2 children, Brock & Cierra, who are now both in college. In today’s episode, we’re going to share the memories and feelings we had when preparing to send them off to college. You’ll hear how the emotions we experienced differed per child (and why). We’ll also explain how we prepped both Brock and Cierra to be successful when the time came for them to go off on their own. If you’ve already been through this, then you’ll totally relate! If you’re right in the midst of it, then this episode may help you get through it. And if you are years away from this moment, then this will most definitely help you prepare for when the time comes to send your babies off to college.


You’ll hear…

  • My own experience moving away from home
  • The values Bret and I thought were most crucial in raising our kids
  • How to feel really secure in taking your kids off to school
  • How both of my kids reacted to their first months away at college
  • Who (and who not) to express your sadness to when your child has left for university
  • How Bret and Brock have stayed in touch EVERY day since Brock’s college life began
  • Why you shouldn’t let your kids being gone take over your identity
  • How long it took Bret and I, on average, to feel okay again (after Brock left)
  • A personal recording I made a few days after Brock left for school
  • Why I had tears when saying “goodbye” to Brock (and it’s not what you think)



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