Podcast – Productivity During Busy Seasons

How to Stay In Line When Things Go Cray

The holiday season is here and we all know it can be a crazy busy time! Does the holiday season make you feel like you’re lacking in productivity or that your life is a bit out of control? In this CarSmart episode, I share with you some simple tips you can put into action TODAY. We all go through periods of time when life just feels like complete madness! Learn how you can plan your day, take control of your daily schedule, and feel more productive altogether.

How to get your life in order… It’s a question we ask ourselves again and again. We think we find solutions, we get ourselves organized, and then something slips and we are back to square one. Well, yeah that’s all true and I’ve been there. BUT this isn’t my life anymore, and I don’t want yours to follow this pattern either! I’ve adopted a routine to boost productivity that really works for me and I’ve been able to be consistent with it for so long!

You need to get yourself a planner. ANY planner works, but you can definitely go for a Push Journal if you really wanna get things done. List all the things you need to get done the night before, and then determine where your top priorities lay! To learn more about what you can do to be more productive with this system, listen in to the full episode!


What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Boosting Productivity:

  • Recognize the season you’re in and ask yourself what’s more important. (2:00)
  • Get in the habit of using a planner to enhance productivity. (3:45)
  • Show yourself more grace. Set realistic expectations for yourself (and others too). (6:20)
  • And more!

The holidays can be crazy! But they don’t have to be. Hopefully, this episode can calm the storm for you a bit, and you can go about this holiday season with some peace at mind and productivity at its highest.

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