How to Promote Your Freemium & Why Business Cards Are Dead

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When you’ve got a great freemium and a great website, where do you send people? I answer a question from a listener about which pages on your website that you should be directing your potential customers to. I also talk about business cards – yes, business cards. But, what I have to say might surprise you.

I’m going to explain this answer by way of a story:

I had a friend who just moved and asked if I had any old pots or pans she could borrow. I did, so I boxed them up and put them by the door so that it would be easy for her to pick them up. Now what if, after I boxed up the pans, I had simply left the box in the middle of the house? That means that she would have to come in and be distracted by everything else in the house! What she wanted were pots and pans, so it’s our job to make that process as easy as possible for her.

Do you see how this connects to your website?

When someone comes to your site, it’s your job to capture their interest as quickly as possible. The BEST way to do this is through having landing pages that explain what’s available (for an email address, of course) without all of the extraneous information you would find on a website home page. You’ll notice that I never say just “” on the show. I’m always promoting specific landing pages like or

Also, business cards.

It can be exciting to get your first business card! I get it. However, in this day and age, you probably don’t need them. Here’s the thing: If I meet someone at a conference and they hand me a business card, I see it as an out. I get to accept your card, say “Great. Thanks!” and then end the conversation. In the end, handing me that card didn’t actually develop the kind of relationship you wanted. Once I walk away, it’s unlikely that anybody is going to hold onto that card for very long.

What you need to do is work on getting THEIR contact information. You are the person who wants to continue the relationship, so this allows you the opportunity to create the relationship you want. Of course, before you can ask for their information, you do have to have a real conversation with them. Don’t be fake and just try to get what you want out of them. Be engaging. Be curious. Be real!

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