Why I’ve Turned into a Pseudo Scientist | From Brain to Sleep to Gut Health

This story begins a couple years ago when I went in to Dr. Amen’s clinic for a brain scan. I knew that I always had trouble focusing, but I assumed that I just wasn’t smart. That I had to figure out ways that worked for me. That I just had to do things a little differently.

The results of my brain scan revealed 2 things. One, that I had multiple areas in my brain that no activity. They were basically holes in my brain tissue. These were from prior concussions, and were basically scars on my brain. Two, the doctors were alarmed by the lumpy, bumpy appearance of my brain. The asked if I was a drug user or had gone through chemotherapy. My response, “NO!”

Come to find out, the only other thing it could be was chronic sleep deprivation. Busted! I was completely and utterly busted! I had been lying to myself for years and years about the amount of sleep I was getting.

After a sleep study, they determined that I was sleeping fine – so the issue was simply me not getting enough. I didn’t want to feel foggy and I didn’t want to continue doing damage to my brain. So I immediately made big lifestyle changes.

In an attempt to heal my brain, one of the suggestions from the doctors was to clean up my diet and improve my nutrition. That seemed impossible to me. I eat a really clean, unprocessed diet. So I was confused by this suggestion.

However, it lead me to speak out a functional medical doctor and get a nutritional panel done. I was astonished by what the nutritional panel showed; and that led me to seek out more and more experts. This eventually led me to gut health experts, who help me realize that EVERYTHING stems back to the gut.

Gut health has a direct impact on every single function in your body…. metabolism, hormones, weight loss and your ability to lose weight, brain health, sleep, ability to focus, how efficiently your body functions…. everything! So I want to encourage you to listen to this episode and hear this story in greater detail. I think it might change how you feel about a lot of things.

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