Podcast – How to Use Quizzes for Attracting New Leads, with AnnMarie Rose

Have you ever had a quiz pop up while scrolling through social media? Did you know that quizzes can be an awesome way to bring in new leads? Do you use quizzes to attract new business? If so, are you using them the right way to really get the full benefits they can provide? Today, Brock is excited to interview AnnMarie Rose — online business consultant and quiz funnel expert — all about Quiz creation! You’ll learn the best practices for this important marketing strategy and what you may be missing if you’re already utilizing them in your business. 


You’ll also find out:

  • Brock’s personal experience with quizzes
  • Why / how surveys differ from quizzes
  • Which niches should consider creating a quiz for their business
  • What makes a good and successful quiz
  • What you want to think about when creating your quiz
  • The 4 strategic purposes a quiz can serve for your business
  • Tips for business owners to create quizzes that resonate with their tribe (and get them to participate)
  • How to nail the perfect quiz topic
  • Common mistakes people are making when creating quizzes
  • The FIRST step you should take after listening to this episode
  • Advice for those who are scared to create quizzes due to overwhelm
  • Why quizzes are much more doable than other powerful lead magnets



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