Podcast – Tough Talk About Race Relations with Keenya Kelly

I invited my friend, Keenya Kelly, on the show to engage in a very candid conversation about racism in this country today. Please listen with an open mind and heart as we both share our perspectives on this critically important topic.


You’ll find out…

  • Some of the answers I got to this question I posted on IG, “What would you ask that person, whoever that is, who doesn’t understand what you’re going through?”
  • What is it about this moment in history that has Keenya feeling differently
  • Personal experiences from my own childhood re: racism
  • The 1st question Keenya would ask someone right now
  • The bigger conversation that, I feel, needs to be had
  • Why Keenya feels black people are re-traumatized at this time
  • Why people who say All Lives Matter are missing the message
  • Thoughts on peaceful protestors vs looters
  • Why it may be wrong to say, “I don’t see color”
  • Why I believe there are white people who refuse to believe or admit that racism is real
  • Examples of everyday things black people have to consider that white people don’t
  • What white privilege really means
  • Why Keenya feels that destroying cities and looting might shed an important light on racism
  • Keenya’s thoughts on black on black crime
  • How to help when you don’t know what to do or say
  • The self-analyzing question and follow up prayer Keenya would like people to consider



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