Podcast – How to Deal with Rejection with Jia Jiang

This interview is pure joy! Chinese immigrant, Jia Jiang, shares his hilarious journey to tackle his greatest personal fear… rejection. And in the process, how he inspired the world, developed a business, and actually became rather addicted to getting rejected! You’ll learn the details of Jia’s 100 Days Of Rejection (which went viral) and how, ironically, the act of seeking rejection can actually set us free!


You’ll find out…

  • Did Jia consider how he might monetize his project in the beginning?
  • How having his first child was the catalyst to change his life
  • How Jia planned out his 100 ways of getting rejected
  • What were some of his fave rejections and the stories behind them?
  • What getting rejected has taught Jia about life and people
  • Examples of great things that come from being rejected
  • What’s Jia’s #1 tip for people when it comes to fear of rejection?
  • How did Jia change his mindset surrounding rejection?
  • How to have a higher likelihood of getting a “yes” when you ask for something you want
  • How to gain “courage muscles”


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