Podcast – Relationship & Love Advice | Q & A with Chalene & Bret from The Chalene Show Live

Intimacy and Emotional Connection in Relationships

How does emotional disconnection develop? How do you know if you and your partner’s relationship is disconnected emotionally? This episode was recorded directly after the first ever The Chalene Show Live in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the show, I talked all about intimacy and emotional connectedness in relationships. After the show was recorded, I invited my husband Bret up to the stage to help me answer questions from the audience. In doing so, Bret was able to provide the audience with the “husband perspective”.

This Q & A was a fun way for Bret and I to share what we love most about our relationship and what works best for us. Listen in to learn how Bret and I turn off the work life.  Learn how we focus on being together and with our family. It isn’t always easy to disconnect from work, but it’s a must do in order for our marriage to remain healthy and strong. And it’s so rewarding to take that time off to just be together in the moment. Over the years, we have learned which approaches do and do not work for our marriage when it comes to staying connected emotionally. Therefore, I hope you can trust our opinions and advice, but know that what works for us may not work for you. Sometimes you have to get creative, but that can be fun!


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Strengthening Emotional Connection in a Relationship:

  • How do you turn off your everyday work and focus on family or personal relationships? (1:48)
  • How do you deal with a spouse who doesn’t share your vision? AND How do you find time to have a healthy marriage? (3:45)
  • How Chalene communicates to Bret what she wants. (7:30)
  • How you can express appreciation for your husband and all he does. (8:30)
  • There are things that we do that are part of our routine that recharge us. (11:20)
  • How do you handle disagreements? (11:55)
  • How we learned to listen to each other without needing to be right. (13:30)

Thank you for listening to this special edition of The Chalene Show, recorded at The Chalene Show Live in Indianapolis. If this topic was of interest to you and you want to hear more, go and listen to Episode 318 – How to Improve Emotional Connection with Your Significant Other | The Chalene Show Live in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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