Podcast – Releasing Anger and Resentment

As you might suspect, holding on to anger and resentment is very unhealthy. Today, I break down this topic by revealing different types of anger, where they stem from and how they may affect you. I’ll also provide essential tips on how to let it all go.


You’ll find out:

  • How we use anger to mask other emotions
  • Questions to ask yourself when you get angry (in different scenarios)
  • How the energy of anger builds up
  • How the emotion of anger manifests itself
  • The power of forgiveness and the role it plays in releasing anger
  • A revelatory moment I experienced in therapy (re: my own anger)
  • Why / how each of our journeys are different when it comes to forgiving
  • The side effects of not releasing the anger you feel toward someone
  • Why letting go of anger begins with a decision
  • Why / how your resentment from the past affects your present life
  • How empathy plays a role in healing from anger and resentment



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