Podcast – How to Repurpose Social Media Stories Content for Winning Facebook Ads & Email Marketing with ROI


Repurpose Social Media Content on Multiple Platforms Just By Going on Snapchat or Stories Each Day

Get the inside scoop on how my team and I repurpose social media stories and Snapchat content to improve ROI for social media promotions, Facebook ads, and email marketing campaigns. This is the step by step process for exactly what we do, and the good news is, while it’s easy enough to do by yourself, almost every step can be done by a Virtual Assistant. This is how you can run your business simply by spending a few minutes on Snapchat or Instagram Stories each day!

Before I tell you how we repurpose social media content, let me say this. I want you to know that a team of about 4 people help with this process. Can you do it yourself? Sure! But I don’t recommend it! Everything I’m sharing with you, someone else can do to help you grow and scale your business, so you can instead focus on the things that only you can do – like talking on live streaming platforms and using Snapchat and Instagram Stories. I’ll explain how you can do this in this episode!


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on How to Repurpose Social Media Content: 

  • To repurpose your social media content effectively, you must begin with a social media calendar. (3:40)
  • The content that performs the best is organic. (5:00)
  • Why for best results and best content to repurpose, you should never force it. (6:50)
  • The only step I do in this process in talking into my phone, and this is what you should be doing, too. Everything else from here out can be done by a Virtual Assistant. (7:20)
  • Why you should have someone download your snaps and stories, and how to use Dropbox to organize workflow and repurpose that content. (7:50)
  • Why you need a Virtual Assistant to scale your business. (9:00)
  • How to use the “CutStory” app to automatically chop up your videos. (11:50)
  • How you can create content in one location, and then repurpose it across other social platforms. (13:30)
  • How to repurpose your stories for Facebook ads and other social media ads. (14:10)
  • The 131 infomercial example and how attention spans differs across platforms – i.e. TV versus social media. (16:17)
  • Why you should avoid scripting your stories. (17:30)
  • How we created a weekly newsletter email around my snaps that became our biggest revenue source with the lowest unsubscribe rate. (18:30)

how to repurpose social media stories content

Everything we talked about today, you can do, too. But I just open up my phone and talk to Snapchat every day, and I’m done! That’s it! I’ll be frank with you. All of these other pieces take time, and there’s lots of opportunity here for you to do less!

Remember, it’s ok to slow down, so your business can speed up and scale, so you can live. I want you working less and making more…it’s possible! Your business doesn’t scale, and your life doesn’t get better, until you get help.

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