Podcast – Building a Rock Solid Reputation and Sustainable Brand with Aj and Rory Vaden

Today, my guests are Rory and AJ Vaden — the founders of The Brand Builders Group. They have guided thousands of people to narrow in on their focus and build the right type of reputation. Rory is also the NYT best selling author of “Take The Stairs”. In this episode, they’re going to dig real deep about creating the brand and reputation you need to grow your business. Get ready to take some notes!!!


You’ll discover:

  • How building an 8-figure business together informed how they help others today
  • What is the exact formula for trusting influencers in social media: reputation, expert status, results, or all the above?
  • The 13 characteristics for a rock-solid reputation
  • Are authenticity and honesty the same?
  • What lack of patience looks like
  • The biggest mistakes people make when they first get into the online space
  • The importance of a brand knowing what problem they solve
  • Questions you should be asking to understand your brand and potential customers
  • My own personal story of pursuing many businesses at once and when/why I decided to, ultimately, stop and focus on one
  • Is it better when you’re starting out for people to think of you as wearing many hats or just one?
  • Can you control your reputation?
  • What is The Life Well-Lived Test?
  • How you transition careers
  • Should you tell your audience what you’re known for instead of asking them to make that assumption?
  • The example Rory and AJ give of somebody well known (they previously worked with) who was making a lot of very common mistakes, but were able to help in refining his reputation



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