Reverse Dieting, Fasted Workouts and Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Sara Solomon

SaraSolomon0318 copyThis is part two of Chalene Johnson’s conversation with Dr. Sara Solomon about Intermittent Fasting (IF): what is it and how does it work? If you haven’t heard part one, you’re definitely going to want to listen to that first – a lot of great foundational information in that episode.

In this episode, Chalene and Dr. Solomon talk about your workout schedule on IF, what to do if IF isn’t working for you, how to figure out your macros, and how to evaluate the best way to find a diet that matches both your lifestyle and personality.

D7EA9036-0694-4276-BB61-7B5324E3AF77Dr. Solomon has helped thousands of men and women cut back on exercise, increase their food intake, and master their metabolism. She’s an author and a lifestyle diet coach expert and, most importantly for Chalene Show fans – she loves research and shares it with us on today’s episode.

Seriously, these two episodes are full of great information! Topics include: flexible dieting, reverse dieting, eating for your macros, disordered eating, high protein diets, keytosis, carbloading, reducing body fat, fat loss, weight loss, HIIT training, and weight loss maintenance. They also talk all about macros, body image, and orthorexia.

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