Sales Email – 9 Elements of Killer Copy

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, then you know the importance I put on building your email list. It’s crucial for not only growing your business but, also, servicing those who have trusted you with their email address. 

On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, I break down the 9 elements to include in every sales email that’ll ensure your emails are super successful.


You’ll find out:

  • When I stop reading and check out of emails (I receive)
  • How I look at the subject line
  • What is a self-selecting hook
  • How I prefer to implement the quick depiction of the problem
  • What is the offer and how it should be addressed
  • What are the benefits and how they need to be clearly detailed
  • What is social proof
  • What is honest and authentic scarcity
  • How to minimize risk
  • How to best utilize a CTA (Call To Action)



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