Podcast – Exposing Undetected Tactics of Sexual Predators | with, Sarah Klein

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains material and discussions regarding child abuse and other topics that you may find uncomfortable, triggering of your own experiences or inappropriate for certain populations.

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), I welcome Sarah Klein to the show. She’s a former gymnast who also happens to have been identified as the first known victim of Larry Nassar (former Olympic women’s gymnastics doctor). Not only is Sarah a survivor of sexual abuse, she now specializes as an attorney in representing sex abuse survivors. She’s nationally renowned as an advocate for legal, cultural and political changes — supporting victims — in the area of sexual abuse.

Today’s episode could change somebody’s life and, not to mention, stop a predator forever. Sarah’s inspirational story will enlighten/empower/encourage you.


You’ll find out:

  • Sarah’s backstory and the irony of her purpose
  • Why Sarah initially decided to go to law school
  • How Sarah came to be informed of Larry Nassar’s case
  • When Sarah realized she was experiencing sexual abuse
  • How Larry was the gymnasts’ safe haven
  • The average age of reporting child sexual abuse
  • Why autoimmune diseases are higher in survivors (and Sarah’s own experience with this)
  • How many cases (we know of) that involve Larry Nassar
  • Why perpetrators are often the “good guy”
  • Sarah’s advice for me re: getting frustrated when victims won’t speak publicly
  • Why the laws seem to be set up to protect perpetrators
  • Statute of Limitations: what is it, how does it pertain to victims, how they vary by state (and why)
  • Sarah provides details of several different legal cases involving pediatricians, gynecologists, etc.
  • Where to start, steps to take — when you have a traumatic story to tell



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Learn more about Sarah’s Law Firm at www.ManlyStewart.com

Check out Sarah’s Podcast Bar Fights: Taking on Issues that Matter

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

Go to ChildUSA.org to learn how we can protect our children

Watch Sarah’s Tedx Talk

According to RAIIN, an American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. Every nine minutes, that victim is a child, amounting to about 63,000 children every year.

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