Podcast – How to Save and Make Money Using Credit Cards with Bret Johnson

You’ve been asking for some financial advice from my husband, Bret Johnson. Well today, he is going to deliver as he shares his insights on all things credit cards! Like, when you should use a debit vs credit card, which cards you should seriously consider, how to pay off your debt the right way, and so much more! Even if you pay off your balance every month, you are guaranteed to find super useful card card tips! 


You’ll find out:

  • Bret’s favorite financial TV show he watches every day
  • The system Bret and I used to pay off our credit card debt
  • Is it better to pay off one card at a time or multiple?
  • When you should use a debit card vs credit card
  • The percentage of people who never redeem their points
  • Why you should only get a Cash Back rewards card
  • How Bret coached our son, Brock, to use a credit card
  • The perfect card (and how it works) for those who are scared of the stock market but know they need to invest


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List of Credit Cards Bret mentioned in this episode:

  • Capitol One Saver 
  • Discover it 
  • Citi Double Cash Card 
  • Chase Freedom 
  • Capitol One Quick silver one – low credit score 
  • Stash card that earns you stock!

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