Podcast – Say No To These Things and Be Happier

Today, I’m sending a little reminder that it’s time to start saying no to things. Maybe not everything, but there are definitely moments when it would behoove us to say, “Sorry, not right now… but thanks for thinking of me.” And this includes family and close friends, too. I’ll drill home the point that WE teach people how to treat us. So, you’re about to find crucial tips on how to put saying no — in a variety of areas — into action immediately!


You’ll find out…

  • The types of people you should say no to spending time with
  • When you should say no to certain social media accounts
  • Social activities you might want to reconsider
  • What it means to say no to being used
  • The value of saying no to bad habits
  • Why you should refrain from working with bad clients
  • When you should tell your kids no
  • What is and how to stop doing life work at your day job
  • The power of saying no to distractions
  • Why there are no “third chances”
  • One of the main reasons we hesitate in saying no and how to overcome it



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