Podcast – Scaling a Service-Based Business with Online Academies | Physical Therapist, Greg Todd

Today, I talk with Greg Todd, successful physical therapist and Marketing Impact Academy student. Because Greg was in the health care service industry, he felt his income was limited to how much in-person time he spent with his clients — until MIA showed him a whole new world! Look, no matter what kind of service industry you may be involved in, there’s a surefire way to make money online! And in Greg’s case… that translates to over 6 figures in multiple online businesses!


You’ll find out…

  • What mindset did Greg have to overcome, if any, to believe it was possible to not be trading his time for money
  • What inspired Greg to change things up professionally
  • What kind of help does Greg offer those looking to branch out of their current job status
  • The #1 thing that made Greg realize he could make money online
  • What negative thoughts Greg had when starting this new venture
  • How did Greg scrape out even more time to get his online biz going when there was NO time to begin with
  • What Greg would say to those who claim they don’t have time to begin an online biz
  • What did it mean — financially — for Greg to create his online coaching business
  • Has Greg always been a positive person, believing things are going to work out in his favor (with a personal anecdote to illustrate integrity and accountability)
  • What did Greg’s therapy — from a virtual standpoint — look like at first
  • What is the 21/20 Healthcare Challenge
  • How often is the thing that’s stopping service providers from pursuing their own business online the belief that it will in some way jeopardize their accreditation — and how Greg addresses this issue
  • How has Greg’s life changed since he began his online coaching career — from business to personal
  • How the desire to feel purpose in his work / life changed Greg’s path
  • The 3 Different Types Of Mentalities (according to Greg)
  • Details on Greg’s webinar



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