Podcast – Scared Child to Resilient Healer, with Tana Amen

We all create stories about things (oftentimes traumas) from our past that we’re desperately trying to ignore, keep secret or take control over. Today’s guest, Tana Amen, will share how coming forward and telling your story can be freeing and make you feel whole — maybe for the first time in your life. You’ll learn what it means to truly be resilient and take your power back. 


You’ll also find out:

  • Tana’s backstory
  • The moment Tana realized she was judgmental and how she turned it around
  • The insanity that was Tana’s childhood
  • When Bret began to really trust in me
  • Tana’s weekend with Byron Katie and why it was the beginning of her journey to self discovery
  • What is a vulnerability hangover
  • Tana’s recommendation on how to start healing
  • The importance of questioning your thoughts
  • When Tana discovered her inner scared child and how it changed her trajectory
  • At what stage and why Tana disconnected from her family
  • How much faith played a role in Tana’s life before and after her transformation
  • The life events that occurred which led Tana to fall into a wicked depression
  • The guilt Tana felt for not having the “worst kind of cancer”
  • How to persevere in life when it hasn’t been role-modeled for you



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