The Scientific Crime of the Century, GMO’s with Eric Battersby

Eric is a guy who has spent the last 3 years dedicated to getting answers; to figuring out what is the truth when it comes to GMO’s. He is in the process of creating a documentary, and in his quest to find the answer for himself, he has also helped expose answers to our questions!

When it comes to genetically modified crops, we tend to get wrapped up in the judgement of “modifying” a crop, as opposed to understanding that this goes SO much deeper. The issue is beyond the modification of crops. It’s modifying a crop so that it isn’t effected or killed off by pesticides (like Glyphosate). This then allows the farmer to saturate the crop with these horrible, cancer causing chemicals.

GMO’s are banned in almost every other country, except the U.S. Recently we passed a law stating that companies needed to label their products when they contain any genetically modified ingredients. However, in my interview, Eric doesn’t have high hopes for this recent law.

Hot Topics Covered in this Episode:
– Glyphosate or RoundUp: when it was created, and who currently owns the rights.
– What is a genetically modified seed and how are they regulated.
– The correlation between an increase in GMO’s and an increase in health problems.
– The EPA’s stance on Glyphosate.
– The world health organization came out and classified Glyphosate as a possible carcinogen, and yet the EPA is still allowing them.
– What we know about dosage of glyphosate.
– When glyphosate was categorized as an antibiotic and the repercussions of this.
– Eric shares the physical / health complications he’s uncovered in his research.
– The lack of testing around GMO’s.
– Mutagenisis – mutating the cells with chemicals and radiation.

Connect with Eric and support his cause! Head to to learn more!  Also, don’t forget to check out his podcast >> The GMO Truth

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