Podcast – Selling a Business | Surviving, Celebrating, Grieving and Leaving with Angela Mader, Founder of Fitlosophy | Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my interview with Angela Mader (founder of Fitlosophy, creator of Fitbook). In this episode, we go into great detail of what Angela’s life looked like after she sold her company. You’ll learn the surprising and very real truth of the emotional rollercoaster one rides — feelings ranging from celebration to relief to desperation to grief —  after the sale of a business… no matter how profitable.


You’ll find out:

  • Why if a deal doesn’t almost fall apart three times, then it’s probably not really a deal
  • The double life trickery of not telling your team about selling your business and, yet, negotiating a deal so they’re best set up
  • How selling one’s business teaches you to do things with a sale in mind vs the end in mind
  • Why and how Angela felt she was the soul of her business
  • What Angela would do differently if she started a new company tomorrow
  • How Angela evaluated the opportunity to maintain the brand and its potential growth vs the sale
  • When Angela realized that her entire identity had changed in the blink of an eye
  • Why Angela wanted to continue with her company as a full-time employee after she sold it and what that integration process was like
  • What Angela has done to heal, including details on her 1 week long retreat in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee
  • Why Angela admits that her drug of choice is work and how she copes
  • Why we often grieve over our own success and the seriousness of the issue
  • What’s next for Angela
  • Why you must promote your dream thing if it’s something that’ll help people

“Don’t let what you’re capable of get in the way of what you’re called to.” ~Mader


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