Podcast – Tips for Selling Physical Products on Etsy with Veronique AKA Maman Hippie

Have you ever wanted to sell physical products online but hesitate because you don’t have many followers? Today, Brock talks with Veronique AKA Maman Hippie who started selling on Etsy with only a few thousand followers on Instagram and no website. And yet, sold out on her first launch in just 24 hours! They cover her trajectory — from how she first got started to where she is today, selling and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.


You’ll find out:

  • How MIA (Marketing Impact Academy) proved the impetus for Veronique and her headband company
  • Why Veronique landed on Etsy
  • Veronique’s plans for 2022
  • How Veronique outsourced materials for her brand when she first started
  • How she created FOMO around her brand
  • How she figured out shipment early on
  • How she balances out time in her business and family life
  • Mistakes to avoid when having a physical product business
  • Why Veronique is looking to pursue agencies for her business
  • How Veronique cultivated relationships with micro-influencers



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