Is Instagram SEO Better Than Using Hashtags?

In the past, using Hashtags was a great way to get your content discovered on Instagram. But over time, with so many people utilizing hashtags, this tool has proven less and less effective. So how can one get their content discovered today?


In this episode, Brock explains how this particular AI works and the best ways you can use it to your advantage.


You’ll find out:

  • What is SEO?
  • What hashtags were initially designed for
  • How people used to use hashtags to cheat the system
  • Why hashtags are less effective now
  • The 7 areas to focus on that’ll improve your IG’s SEO
  • How your bio plays a role in SEO
  • How to utilize captions to effect SEO
  • How it behooves you to put text on your images/videos
  • Why leaving the right kind of comments on other people’s pages, within your niche, matters
  • What is pinning a comment
  • What is Alt text and how to use it the right way



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